مقالات تخصصی

مقالات تخصصی


Coronavirus disease 2019,knownas COVID-19, wasfirst identified inWuhan, China, inDecember2019andbecameapandemiconMar 11, according to theWorld Health Organization report. In the epidemic of COVID-19, many patients admitted to hospitals for other reasons may be silent carriers of COVID-19 and have the risk of infecting medical personnel. Thus, meticulous personal protection measures should be considered in suspicious patients, especially when close contact with the patient’s airway is anticipated. We introduce two airway trauma patients suspected of COVID-19 who required emergency tracheostomy. Patient one was a 29-year-old man who suffered facial trauma following a car accident. A chest CT scan showed peripheral ground-glass opacities suggestive for COVID-19. The second patient was a young elevator mechanic who experienced maxillofacial trauma after an elevator crash. The methods of anesthesia and airway protection and safety precautions are described

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